Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of the Year

Hello 2011 !!

Here is a recap of what I have sewn this year.  Pictures were not take of all items.

6 dresses for me
2 Halloween dresses for the granddaughters
2 practice dresses for the granddaughters
6 skirts
1 top (which I am not happy with and probably won't wear again)  I learned a lot though
1 flannel nightgown

That is 18 items in one year!  I'm so excited because I am happy with 16 of them, I learned a lot of new techniques and I think my goal was 12 items.  One a month.

For this year I want to start using my serger on knits.  And, I want to make a coat and some jackets.  I am working on a plaid wool full circle skirt and matching vest.  The skirt is done except for the hem and the vest has been waiting for the lining material choice.  That choice has been made and now needs to be cut and sewn.  Next in the queue is a vintage dress out of a blue wool.

I have my next couple of projects figured out but for the whole year I would like to make:

1 wool coat
1 wool dress
2 knits dresses
4 knit tops
2 wool skirts
2 summer dresses
2 Halloween costumes (maybe 3 if youngest granddaughter wants one)

I have material and patterns for everything but the knit tops, Halloween costumes and any linings I might use.  It is so hard not buying patterns and fabric!  I love me some fabric.

I only made it half way through the Bible this year so I will finish it in 2011.  I obviously sewed too much instead of reading my Bible!

Have a wonderful and happy new year!