Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Very Sad Day

Today my favorite uncle died in his sleep.  He had leukemia.  He was married for over 50 years to my mother's twin.  My aunt and uncle had three boys and my parents had two girls.  The reason I am here is because my aunt got pregnant and my mom said to my dad, "If Mary is pregnant, I have to be too!"  And so it went.  My aunt got pregnant, my mom had to get pregnant.  My aunt got pregnant again with son #2 and my mom had to get pregnant with my sister.  My aunt got pregnant for a third time and my mom said, "I'm not that stupid!"

My aunt and uncle had a water ski boat for as long as I can remember.  My uncle taught me to water ski.

My uncle taught me all three verses of Nobody Loves Me Everybody Hates Me I Think I'll Eat Some Worms.  There are only three verses aren't there?

All nine of us went on family vacations together for years.  When the five of us kids would fight in the back seat he would say, "You all pick on each other like you're a bunch of scabs".

He was a good Christian man who loved the Lord.  He was a Gideon for years.  He will be greatly missed.

I love you Uncle Wayne.