Friday, July 30, 2010

One of the "Fun" medical procedures

Today was my first colonoscopy.  Procedure:  not horrible, prep:  kind of horrible.  I didn't like the  not eating part.  By 5:00pm Thursday I was feeling very nauseated.  I ate jello (not red)  then I had to start drinking my eight glasses of "juice".  That wasn't as bad as it sounds.  It actually made me not feel hungry.  The last glass was hard to get down though.  No one needs any of the rest of the details.  Let's just say I got lots of hand sewing done in the bathroom (I know, that just sounds wrong!).  But, all is over, I've eaten (Thank you, Lord, for food!) and there were no finding of concern.  I don't have to do it again for 10 years.  Yay!  Now I am just resting.
I would much rather be at Happy Hollow Park riding the merry-go-round!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One More

Thank you all for your nice comments.  Here is another project:

Here is a close up of my very first invisible zipper.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  This blouse had lots of problems.  It gaped a the neck so I put five pin tucks in which helped a lot.  It was supposed to have sleeves but I felt like I was in a straight jacket with the sleeves in so I took them out and cut them into bias strips and then bound the armholes with the strips.  That was the first time I had ever made bias strips.  That turned out pretty well.  I love the fabric.  It has tiny little flowers and vines that really do match the maroon skirt.  I think I over fit the top.  It doesn't really wear well.  The skirt is 100% polyester and feels very soft but doesn't hang or drape well so I'm not too thrilled with the whole project.  I learned a lot and the blouse fabric was only $2.50!  I got the end of the bolt.

It is funny what you see in pictures that you can't see in a mirror.  So many pull lines at the waist.  Sigh.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here is one of my first projects.  It took me months to sew!  It is a pink and lavender tweed that ravelled terribly.  I had to zigzag each piece before I handled it too much.  I had to be very careful assembling the dress because I couldn't see the thread after it was sewn if I needed to rip it out!  I am happy with how it turned out.

This dress is brown and pink linen.  I like pink, mauve, raspberry, plum, etc!
This dress is a black and white polyester polka dot dress.  I made this because my husband likes polka dots.  It is a wrap around dress which is very different for me.  I made the front pieces overlap more than the pattern called for and I lengthened the dress three inches.  It is a silky type fabric and the tie wants to come undone.  Not good.  I think I will put a button and button hole where it meets under the tie!                       

My current project is a reprint of a 1960's dress.  I am making it out of rayon in a flowery print.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  It takes so long to get pictures downloaded in this house!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A sweet comment by Judy at Apron Strings  has nudged me back to blogging.  Thanks, Judy!  I have been feeling much better which means I've been busy!  Work, sewing, family reunion, gardening, church, dog sitting for neighbors.  All the usual fun summer activities.  For Independence Day we went to the San Jose Giants baseball game and saw fireworks at the stadium afterword.  It was a great game and terrific fireworks.  They have an awesome BBQ before hand.  Great family fun.

I changed the way I do a few things at work which has helped my shoulder quite a bit.  I have finished some sewing projects and there are pictures but, of course, I depend on my DSSD to download them into my ancient computer and that hasn't happened yet.  The tomatoes are doing great but none are ripe yet, we've had a couple of meals with the green beans, tonight we had a zucchini, squash look terrible, onions are good and I keep picking the potatoes to early.

We went to Wasco, CA for a one day family reunion.  We drove down to Harris Ranch and spent the night there then continued on to my DSH's aunt's house for the big get together.  They have a huge farm so it is a big change for us city slickers.  His aunt sent us home with almonds, walnuts, old sewing patterns and books!