Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Sick

Today I am home sick with a cold/flu. No one wants to get their teeth cleaned with the hygienist coughing in their face. Sorry, that was a bit graghic! I will rest, drink plenty of fluids and take lots of vitamin C. The rest is the best part. If I'm up to it I will straighten up the office a bit.

My cousin is in the hospital with a serious condition. Third time this has happened to him. Hopefully, no surgery will be required. That man has had more surgery than anyone I know! I will be praying for you, Munna! (my baby name for him, I couldn't pronounce "Jim", HUH!?)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vet Visit

Hard day at the vet. Buck and Bailey were due for some immunizations and other indignities. Bailey, our English Cocker, does very well. She is one tough girl. Poor Buck, on the other hand, is kind of a wimp. He absolutely refuses, REFUSES! to have his temperature taken. (well, wouldn't you?) He cries when they take his blood to check for heart worm, he cries when he gets his shots, he cries when they check his ears. It is all very traumatic for everyone. We all made it through with treats, liver, yum! I was traumatized too, where's mine????

We walked down the street after for a necessary potty break (for the dogs) then stopped at the dog store for new dog beds. After our purchase, we stopped at the school to let the dogs run. They got to get their wiggles out and de-stress. A much better ending to the day!

I surely wish we had chickens like Judy at Apron Strings but they would drive Buck and Bailey nuts since they are bird dogs. Keep sharing about your chickens, Judy. I love to hear about them. Not the 'pecking of your hand part' though!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor Girls :(

This has been a rough month for two of our girls. My oldest broke her arm Saturday while snowboarding. She did get a good morning full of fun before crashing. She did get to ride on a snowmobile but that doesn't make up for an arm in a cast for 6 weeks, pain and having to miss work which is a new nursing job. Hard to nurse others in the ICU when you have a cast on your arm. I sent her a small care package: floss holders (for one handed flossing), Earl Grey tea, a book, some See's candy (I know, I know! Just wrong for a dental hygienist to send candy!!) and some fresh roasted almonds that were grown by my husbands family. My Poor Sweet Girl!

My youngest has had three, yes three bouts of the cold/flu in one month! While taking care of two little ones (two and a half and 11 months). Dad, of course, was gone part of the time for work which didn't help much. Dad is back home again so things are looking up! Dad was sorely missed! My Poor Sweet Girl!

This too shall pass. You will both get better. Remember, you are loved!

We haven't yet heard from our other two girls. I will assume they are fine and healthy until I hear differently!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


LOL!!! That last post was a bit of a repeat. Sorry.

Oldest daughter called today and told us she crashed while snowboarding and broke her arm yesterday. She just started a new job as a trauma nurse. She might be able to go to work and do some work or she may have to just stay home and heal. She had half a day of fun before her own personal trauma. Take care of yourself and get better fast, SweetPea!

New Year agenda

No resolutions here, just an agenda for the new year, a plan, if you will. We made a good start today. The garage is going to be cleaned up and organized. It has been such a mess, crammed full of junk, stuff and treasures we don't even remember we own. We've been doing our own construction and decorating for six years. We have ripped out doors and frames, removed all sheet rock, redone electrical- adding ground wire and new outlets and switches and lots of can lights. We had lots of help re-plumbing. There has been insulation added to walls then new sheet rock put up, texture, prime, paint, wood trim everywhere. All the supplies, tools, scrap and furniture that was in the way in the house was literally thrown in the garage. What a disaster. It's amazing we could find anything. We have finished three bedrooms, the hall and the living room. That leaves all the hard rooms like kitchen and baths. We won't do those ourselves. We will pay. Which means it waits. The garage looks much better although it is only half done. You can walk in there and find things. You can see a lot of the floor!! I keep going out there to just look at it!

I love Judy at Apron Strings's idea of a new recipe a week. I've been cooking what she has tried. Delish!! Thanks, Judy. I don't know if I will keep up with a new recipe a week but I will try. Judy posts the recipes she uses so that makes it very easy for me. :D

I also want to start sewing again. I still have to sign up for lessons because I want to learn how to draft a pattern and how to taylor for a proper fit. The sewing blogs I have found are amazing!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sick :(

What a way to start the New Year! Sick with a cold. So nice of family to share. That's ok, this too shall pass. We have so many blessings: health, a nice home and our jobs. Our computer died right before Christmas so DSH had to get a new one. He went Apple and I get to keep the old, repaired one. I should be able to blog more this year since I have my own computer now. I also want to start sewing again and take some sewing lessons. I used to sew a lot......I made all of my church clothes and I made all of the girls clothes until they got to the jeans stage, then I made just their church clothes. I would like to improve my tailoring skills. I also would like to get the garage cleaned out and organized. That will take lots of help from DSH. Too much of it is his stuff (treasures) and I can't get rid of it without his permission. I think a year is a reasonable amout of time to acomplish those to goals. We'll see.

Happy New Year to everyone.