Monday, January 10, 2011

Last project of 2010

Brown full circle skirt made from a 50's pattern.  Step-daughter/photographer cut the top of my head off.  My boots and sweater were Christmas gifts from DSH purchased to match the skirt.  He likes to shop (I hate it) so I gave him a swatch of the fabric, drew a picture of the skirt, stapled it together and told him to go shopping.  The sweater is cashmere!  I would  NEVER buy such nice expensive things.  The towel in the picture is one of our many "paw-paw" towels used to clean the dogs feet before they come in the house after it has rained.  Bailey always drags the towels everywhere.   She gives them a good shake, too!  If only she would dust the house! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thank you for all your nice comments!

My sister and I have decided to take a knitting class.  We are signing up at Joann's.  The class is two and a half hours for $35.00 but on the day we are taking the class it is half off!!  What a deal.  Of course, they will more than make up their loss when I go shopping for knitting supplies with my 30% discount that comes with the class.  I already have every size of knitting needle inherited from a friend's mother when she passed away but, I will need/want LOTS of yarn and patterns :D

My sister and her DSH just bought an RV so she HAS to learn to knit so she can knit on the road!

My DSH and I want an RV someday too and I plan on knitting when we are on the road since I won't be able to sew.