Saturday, July 9, 2011

Too Much Air??

I think there is too much air at the top of each jar.  I think all of these will be used to make cobbler so any bacteria growing in there will be killed!

OK, Maybe?

Now it is 4:12 pm and the canner is finally boiling.  The cots will now process for 30 minutes. I will probably have apricot sauce by the time I'm finished.  I'm thinking apricot cobbler for the next six months.  Ironically, I have a very fancy, expensive, new oven in the garage that is just sitting around waiting for the kitchen remodel that we can't afford to do.  Sigh.


Well, it hasn't gone well at all.  I would qualify it as a disaster.  I got up at 7:30am (early for me on a Saturday).  Picked three big Tupperware squares full of apricots.  Washed and cut up three big Tupperware squares full of apricots.  Threw away about 90 percent of the apricots because they were icky inside.  Went out and picked half ripe apricots.  Washed and cut up three more squares of cots.  Got  my jars and lids hot and put large canning pot on the stove to boil.  Ate lunch while waiting for water to boil.  Temp got to 180.  Filled five quarts with cots and syrup.  Lowered into pot.  Boiled water in smaller pot to add to canner to cover quarts.  Still waiting for canner to boil.  The stove has been on high for two hours.  I think it is a lost cause.  Hoping it will boil with lid on.  So upsetting. :(

Wait, I'll go check it again.

Thanks for waiting.  It is now at 190.  The lid is helping.  I'm afraid the cots will turn to mush before it gets to temp and can process for the correct amount of time.

Any suggestions?

Friday, July 8, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day.   I will be canning for the first time in my life!  We have an apricot tree that is full and dropping fruit.  I will pick all morning then wash, cut, and can.  If all goes well I will  move on to the nectarine tree then the neighbor's apple tree (with permission, of course).  They all ripen at different times so I won't be inundated.  I will take pictures and post them later.  I finally have a new computer and DSSD will show me how to download pictures.  I think she still needs to load all the old ones first. 

A new BBQ is being delivered tomorrow, too!  Lots of excitement around here.   Ours is ten years old and falling apart.  We BBQ a LOT!