Monday, May 25, 2009


Today has been a refreshing and restful day for DSH and me. We got a little bit of work done around the house. I mopped the kitchen floor and then helped DSH go through his closet and get rid of tired, old clothes that don't fit or are worn out. DSH does not like doing that job at all. We have two HUGE bags ready to go to the Goodwill. He does not get rid of anything unless I make him. His closet is now organized and nothing is getting scrunched. I will make a fresh strawberry pie to take to a friend's house tonight for dinner while hubster takes the dogs out for hunting practice. We are going hunting this Friday! What fun, except for the 4:00am morning call and no coffee because of the long drive!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dental work

Today was dental work for me! Two crowns and a filling. Such fun to be a patient again. I was learning empathy :D Good price, too! Since I work for a dentist, dental work is free. I only had to pay the lab bill. I haven't had dental work done in years. Just teeth cleanings. Sore teeth and gums for me over the next few days!

Have a great holiday weekend. THANK YOU, military!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today has been a full and exciting day and it's only 1:25pm! The neighborhood had it's yearly garage sale where any house in the neighborhood that wants to participate can, for a $5.00 fee. Each house hosts their own garage sale, takes the profits then puts anything that doesn't sell on the curb for the neighborhood truck to collect and take to charity. The $5.00 fee covers advertising and leftover/junk pickup. We did not participate but our next door neighbor did. Their two little girls are about a year or so older than our granddaughters so we went over to buy old toys. We have nothing to play with at our house. We found a cute scooter made for tykes, copying the popular "razors". We asked how much, they said for us, free. What a deal!

We chatted awhile and as we were leaving a couple arrived to shop. As they were walking away from their car, the husband (presumably) said, "Honey, Booger Pie, we have an awful lot of stuff already........" We didn't hear Booger Pie's response but his comment was said very sweetly as if that was a traditional endearment.

I have now been called "Honey, Booger Pie" about ten times this morning and we laugh hysterically every time!

On the the failure of the day. I clean teeth for a living. I have an ultrasonic scaler at home that was given to me by my boss when he purchased a new one. I have a 4 year old English Setter with filthy, disgusting, tartar covered teeth, not to mention breath that can kill. We have had his teeth cleaned by the vet once and it cost about $500.00. I had a fit when I saw the bill and decided I can do this myself at home. I am a trained professional. I discussed it with the vet, she prescribed a sedative and two weeks ago we gave him one pill. We saw no change. We gave him another pill, no change. We tried to clean his teeth and he would have none of it. Today we tried a different medication. He was staggering around like a drunken sailor. We got him up on our makeshift operating table, my DSH held him down and I started to go at it. As soon as I was two millimeters from his teeth his hind leg came up and scraped down DSH's arm. Dog legs were flailing, ultrasonic was squirting, DSH was exclaiming and absolutely no tartar was removed from stinky dogs teeth. Sigh. I have to pay $500.00 to get his teeth cleaned.

Now we have a drunk dog staggering around wondering why his mom slipped him a "Micky".

I did get DSH's hair cut and mine bleached (Loreal Natural Blond 9 1/2). The lawns all got watered and dishes got washed so it wasn't really a total failure of a day!

We now a big dinner out with my sister and her husband to look forward to. I hope the dogs is sober by the time we leave!

Bye for now Honey Booger Pie!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Last weekend was full of granddaughter fun. They are now almost three and 15 months. We had them overnight on Friday and all day Saturday while daughter #2 ran a half triathlon. This was her first event and she did amazingly well. Her goal was to finish in two hours and she finished in 1 hour 21 minutes. Awesome!

The event was a long ways away so I wanted her DSH to go with her. This gave them some much needed adult/couple time and if something bad happened (I feared the worst during my "protective mothering" moments) he would be there for her. I hate swimming so I just KNEW she would run then bike then be exhausted and drown. :( Of course, she is a great swimmer and they swim first so they are fresh. Brilliant of the planners, I must say! I am quite proud of her.

The little people did not sleep much Friday night, therefore, neither did I. DSH slept just fine. Saturday was rainy which limited outdoor fun. We did go out once and got wet and muddy. Everyone was quite happy. I had to let the dogs out now and then and the youngest would try to get out too. I wouldn't let her out and she would be very upset. Repeat when dogs came back in.

We had an outing to the skilled nursing facility which was quite successful. We took the girls to visit Great Grandma. They all loved that. GGma got to hold both girls and the oldest gave her a kiss! The girls got to see the pet fish and birds. It was all quite exciting. They fell asleep in the car on the way home which messed up afternoon nap time. Two tired, cranky little girls all afternoon (three, if you count me!). We rested together for a bit but no one slept like they were supposed to. I finally resorted to TV at 4:00pm. There are some really stupid cartoons out there. I need to buy some kids DVD's.

Parents arrived about 5ish. We shared stories and then loaded up their car with kids and gear. They had a wonderful time and were very appreciative.

Note to self: start working out again, buy DVD's for kids, child proof home, babysit only during nice weather!! ;)