Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Why can't I find bed sheets that I like? We have been using sheets that are made by Cannon. A very nice percale that is cotton with some polyester. They have been used every day for over 12 years and washed very regularly. They are just now falling apart! Cannon doesn't exist as far as I can tell. I tried some Egyption cotton sheets and they didn't last very long. They felt great but wore out quite fast. I tried some inexpensive Target sheets but they are kind of rough, not soft, and they wrinkle something fierce! The search is on!



Armbruster Asylum said...

I'm glad I get to check on you using the blog! Are these what you're looking for ... ?

Anonymous said...

I bought 600 thread count sheets from Target and love them! I've use them almost exclusively for over three years now, and they are still in premium condition. The repeated washing has not compromised their condition. Our dogs even wallow them from time to time and the sheets stood up to that test.