Sunday, June 21, 2009

More dog fun

Yesterday we were sitting out front on our enclosed patio where the apricot tree is. We have a nice table and chair set with umbrella and the weather was perfect for lunch outside. The branches of the apricot tree are long and heavy with fruit so they are hanging about three feet off the patio decking. Our English Setter, Buck, decided the apricots looked good and were ready to eat (they aren't). He stood on the deck and stretched out his long white neck and tried to gingerly pluck an apricot off the tree with his lips and teeth. He is so gentle and careful. He couldn't quite reach the lowest apricot so as he tried to grab it, the branch started bobbing and waving. He did not want to raise up on his hind legs to grab that green apricot. I started encouraging him to "get it, Buck, get it". It was hysterical watching him try to get an apricot that was just out of his reach. When I started my encouragement, our other dog, Bailey decided to get in on the act. She is smaller than Buck but she is a real get-it-done kind of girl. She got tired of his mealy mouth antics and jumped up in the air, grabbed an apricot and took off with it! Mr. Buck was left high and dry. He does better with the tomatoes that are just his height! Yes, he does pick tomatoes and eats them. He cracks me up!

I sewed most of the day yesterday making outfits for the two little granddaughters. It is a pattern I used over 25 years ago for my girls when they were this age. My daughter was supposed to go with me Friday to pick out the fabric but she forgot (oops!). I picked something out for them myself and hopefully my daughter will like what I got! It is fun to be sewing again.

Happy Father's Day to everyone out there!

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Catherine said...

Such a cute story! I can just see your dogs and that apricot tree. I had a young apricot tree years ago because they do well in our desert heat. My dogs pulled it out of the ground and ran off with it! No apricots for me!