Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My dad was the fourth and youngest child to my grandparents. They owned, and lived in, one house their whole married lives. It was a very modest home, only two bedrooms and one bath, a small living room and a tiny eat-in kitchen. The house is in southern California. I loved the colors in each room. They were ice cream colors with large, white moulding. There were only three channels on the TV and when we visited, my sister and I were the remote. My grandpa watched baseball, news or Lawrence Welk. We did not get to watch cartoons. There was one toy in particular that my sister and I loved to play with. I searched on ebay to find one and I did! It probably cost my Grandmother .99 cents. It cost me (dare I admit it!) $99.00! I bought it last year when the economy was better, I had birthday money and I was addicted to ebay! There, I confessed! I do love it and I know I will probably never find another one but I do feel twinges of guilt for wasting so much money. I showed it to my three year old granddaughter and she was enthralled. Of course, I wouldn't let her play with it because I didn't want it broken! So, I have to ask myself, self, what was the point????


Armbruster Asylum said...

Do you think you'll let her play with it some day? :) Can I play with it?

Brenda said...

Yes, Kym, you can play with it :D

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Oh my gosh! I had that SAME toy as a child! I wonder what happened to it! V.