Friday, October 2, 2009

Feelin' Accomplished

Today was a busy, productive day. Feels good! Went to work to see one patient, got out of there at 9:35, went to the doctor's office to pick up my youngest daughter who was having a not-so-fun procedure. Her DSH was at home with the kids. Read for an hour and a half while waiting for her to wake up. Took her home and met Bailey, the dog they are dog-sitting. Played with granddaughters and dog. Went grocery shopping on the way home and spent way too much money, put everything away, ate lunch at 2:00. Ran three loads of laundry, vacuumed, mopped kitchen floor, did dishes (still no dishwasher), dusted, put clean sheets on the bed, played ball with my Bailey, cleaned both bathrooms and started dinner. While dinner was cooking I sewed! Oh, yeah, I watered the lawn while I ate lunch.

I can't remember if I told the dishwasher story. We have lived in this house for almost 7 years. It is a 53 year old house (same age as me). The house had a nice new Bosch dishwasher when be bought it. The dishwasher was grossly clogged with hard water deposits after three years. I took it all apart and cleaned out all the deposits. Actually, I couldn't get it all. It kept getting clogged up until I insisted on a new dishwasher. We went to Sears and got the cheapest one they had. On sale. The kitchen is 53 years old and disgusting so I didn't want another expensive dishwasher that would just get ruined. I want a whole new kitchen with a water softener! Well, the plan was to get the cheap dishwasher, let it get ruined by the hard water and gut the kitchen and replace everything. The economy tanked, the banks got stingy with 2nds (what do you mean our house went down in value and you won't lend us any money?!?!?!?).

New plan: get a water softener and new dishwasher then save like fiends to do the kitchen.

Can we say "Money Pit"?

I really am very thankful for my little house, even if it does need lots of work!

This weekend: more garage work!

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Judy said...

We once had a fixer upper...not so much out of a lack of care as the age of the yours. It needed an enormous amount of work to bring it up to par. It didn't even have a dishwasher. I began to talk to the Lord about it...about the money we'd have to sink into the place and how badly it needed MUCH work to keep it from deteriorating or a new house. Along came Katrina. Trees took the house out and the insurance company totaled it. We paid off the mortgage and got a new house. Two years later a freight train derailed in our yard causing a good deal of damage to our property. We paid off the new mortgage. God is good...and good can come out of the strangest events.

I hope your kitchen redo is possible soon and goes off smoothly. In the meantime enjoy that new dishwasher and soft water.