Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long Time - No Blogging

Time just flies by, doesn't it?  I have sewing projects to show and a garden planted.  It has finally warmed up here in CA.  This *global warming* crap isn't working for me.  It has been COLD.  Anyway, I have completed a maroon skirt and a plaid jumper.  I have a top and skirt outfit completed except for the hem and I am in the middle of a blouse to go with the maroon skirt.  There is progress but no pictures.  I have worn the outfits to church and it has been too cold and rainy to have a photo shoot. (I'm a wimp!)

Last Saturday I practically ruined myself digging weeds, turning in compost then planting all the veggies purchased the same day as the weeding (what was I thinking?)  DSH told his DSD to go get a pizza since it was past dinner time and I was still planting AND it started raining again while I was working.  No drought this year!  I planted onions, red potatoes, lots of tomatoes, squash, lettuce and green beans and one bell pepper.  DSSD started watermelon from seed and planted them too!  Oh, and we also have a gopher. :(

How does one get rid of a gopher?


Catherine said...

Welcome back! No drought here either and it finally warmed up! I`m just doing tomatoes this year and probably in pots.

Some people out here poison the gophers. We don`t because the owls, hawks and eagles eat gophers and they in turn are poisoned. My neighbors had dead owls in their yards because one neighbor put out poison.

We put screen in the ground under the plants and fenced everything and it worked.

I would love to see your sewing projects and garden pictures.


Crittergetter said...

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