Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love This Dress

This is a reprinted pattern from Butterick.  It is a 1960's pattern.  I love when pattern companies reprint old patterns.  So fun.  I made this last summer out of a rayon from Hancocks fabrics.  It has a self fabric belt and I bought the Bakelite belt buckle on Etsy.

OK.  Trouble with Blogger again.  It won't let me post more than one picture!  I don't get it!!!  Well, the close up of the belt will just have to be another post!

It is raining here in northern California.  Yay!  We always need rain. 


Catherine said...

That`s a great pattern. I didn`t realize Butterick was reprinting their older patterns. The print is beautiful.

As far as adding pictures to blogger, I guess you noticed the change. The key for me is to keep adding pictures till you added all the pictures you want and then upload them all at the same time. I have read of other bloggers having picture upload problems.

Cooler weather is here too. I love it! No more desert heat!

Debbie S. said...

I love the fabric you used on your dress and the style is beautiful. I didn't know any of the pattern companies ever reprinted older patterns. That's great! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading it.

Brenda said...

Welcome, Debbie S.! Thank you for your comments. Vogue prints a lot of older patterns. This one was fun to make.