Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't get it!

DSH came home today and said my blog is hard to read.  I pulled my blog up on my computer and said, "No, it's not!"  He pulled my blog up on his computer and said, "Yes, it is!"   I took a look and sure enough he is right.  My blog looks like CR*P on his computer!  The background is the wrong size, all the shapes are wrong.  The words are hard to read.  Very strange.  Why does it come up looking fine on my computer but horrible on his?  The new background and set up was done over a year ago by my oldest on her computer.  Any ideas anyone?


Catherine said...

Your blog is distorted as I visit now. For a few seconds there was your normal blog page and then the page quickly went to an unreadable post. Your background is skewed. Perhaps remove your background and reapply it or tell Hot Bliggity Blog you are having a problem and maybe they can straighten it out. Your posts run off the into sides of the background. They are not centered.

Anonymous said...

The difference in how your blog looks between the two computers is probably either a difference in browser or resolution.

Soooo glad to see you posting again!

oxo Judy