Thursday, November 20, 2008

Victorian Mania

I really enjoy the Victorian era. I have a subscription to Victorian Homes (which should be published monthly in my humble opinion!). I love the clothes, the furniture, the houses. We have a very small, 1956 ranch house. Tract, regular, boring. Very thankful to have a home but it's not the dream. DSH isn't a big fan of Victorian, too Rococo. He prefers Arts and Craft style. But, being the loving, caring, considerate husband that he is, he has pretended to like Victorian style and has worked extremely hard creating the Victorian "look" for me in our home. :D

We have hard wood floors, crown moulding, big baseboards, fabric on the walls, reupholstered antique furniture, chair rails and fancy draperies with lace curtains. All the proportions have been changed to look good with our 8 foot ceilings instead of the 10 or 12 foot ceilings a beautiful Queen Ann would have. He is so talented.

And that is not all. In the past we have enjoyed (cough) visiting Victorian Bed and Breakfast stays in different locations. One story: We stayed in a Victorian hotel a couple of years ago while visiting our oldest daughter and son-in-law. It was winter. The hotel was renovated but the rooms did not have individual heat controls. At check-in we were told that we could call down to the desk to get the temperature of our room changed. It was freezing when we took our luggage to our room so requested the heat be turned up. We were told that it would take awhile for the room to heat up which was fine since we were going out to dinner. We got back a couple of hours later and it was still cold. We called the desk and they said the heat was on and it would take time to warm up. We got ready for bed and put on long johns and socks and snuggled under all the covers and comforter. By 2:00am the room had warmed up considerably and we woke up ROASTING! It was HOT in the room. I just couldn't bring myself to call downstairs so we opened the door to the patio and both windows and just let the cold air in. The rest of the night was fine. Not ecologically sound, but we could sleep. The fresh air was quited nice.

In the morning DSH took the first shower in the darling claw foot tub with full surround shower curtain. Unbenost to us until too late for DSH, hot, steamy air rising from the floor of the bathtub causes wet, plastic shower curtain to suck in around said husbands unclothed body, clinging and sticking. I heard a loud "eeeww" and went in to see what was wrong. I saw him pushing the shower curtain away but it kept clinging and sucking back in. I couldn't help but laugh which didn't help his current mood. He was totally grossed out by a wet, previously used plastic shower curtain not letting go as he tried to get away. We decided we wouldn't be getting a cute claw foot tub with a full surround shower curtain for our Victorian-wanna-be regular tract house.

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