Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday Party

We had DSH's birthday party today. It was a lunchy/brunchy party with three out of four of the girls and their little people. I got some pictures of the birthday boy with the three granddaughter's on his lap and then the batteries died. There were no new batteries to be found. Add that to the shopping list. I made devilled eggs, fruit salad, rolls, deli meat, cheese and munchies like carrots, cherry tomatoes, chips, dip and crackers. The birthday boy requested frosted brownies with chocolate chips added to the batter. He likes his chocolate! I put a 5 and a 1 on his brownie "cake". It wasn't big enough for 51 candles!

Tonight is a fancy dinner with friends at a Brazilian Steak House. We have been once before. It is a big splurge but worth it. Every kind of meat you could ask for and as much as you want. The servers are dressed kind of like pirates and they bring huge hunks of meat out on their swords then slice off as much as you want at your table. All the sides are buffet style. Very different and delicious.

More later!

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