Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Break

This is a picture of Bailey putting her head through the cat door from the kitchen looking into the garage. She can't fit through but she loves to look out to see what is going on! We don't have a cat but the previous owners did.
The week between Christmas and New Year's Eve is when I do my "spring cleaning". Today I cleaned out the hall closet, my bathroom cupboards and drawers and my bedroom closet. I feels so good to get rid of things I don't use that are just taking up space and cluttering things up. I vacuumed out the cupboards and drawers and refolded all the towels. I also vacuumed up the dust bunnies that were floating around. I felt I desered a break after all that work so I sat and read my book about sewing fabrics.
I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Christmas. Have a Happy New Year!


Catherine said...

That`s a sweet picture! Happy New Year and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


judy said...

Love that you have pictures on your blog now...that's a sweet pooch pic.