Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Sewing

Today was Sunday School, church then sewing.  DSH went to the Sportman Show so I had the whole afternoon to make a muslin of a new church dress and then cut out the fashion fabric.  I did not get the lining cut out yet.  I sew in the garage and it was a bit cold out there this afternoon.  It has been raining and drissling all day.

Yesterday we went to see my mother in law at the skilled nursing facility.  We took the dogs which is always a hit.  The weather was nice yesterday so we decided to take MIL outside.  There is a large yard area next to the facility so we parked her in her wheelchair next to the grass, let the dogs off their leads and started throwing the ball.  MIL had a blast!!!  She laughed and talked and smiled and threw the ball and laughed some more.  WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THIS BEFORE???  Another elderly woman was wheeled outside because she had asked her daughter if she could go out and watch the dogs.  She had seen them from her bedroom window!  It was so much fun :D  I can't wait to go again and invite the elderly outside!


Catherine said...

How nice of you to take your dogs to the nursing center. Your MIL seems to have had a great time.

I don`t have a garage to sew in. I do however have an enclosed porch I`d like to insulate and use for sewing. Your smiling dog is cute!

Brenda said...

Your porch sounds wonderful for a sewing room. Lots of natural light I would think. I have one window, too high up to look out. It's kind of dungeon-like out in the garage!

Armbruster Asylum said...

Pet therapy! We use it in the hospital. :)