Friday, July 8, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day.   I will be canning for the first time in my life!  We have an apricot tree that is full and dropping fruit.  I will pick all morning then wash, cut, and can.  If all goes well I will  move on to the nectarine tree then the neighbor's apple tree (with permission, of course).  They all ripen at different times so I won't be inundated.  I will take pictures and post them later.  I finally have a new computer and DSSD will show me how to download pictures.  I think she still needs to load all the old ones first. 

A new BBQ is being delivered tomorrow, too!  Lots of excitement around here.   Ours is ten years old and falling apart.  We BBQ a LOT!

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Judy said...

Wishing you a successful day of canning.

I'm taking a break from canning today. Yea!!! Over the last few days I've canned 45 to 50 pounds of pickles. It took three days to make them from start to finish. That's a lot of pickles. We put up (dh helped)4 5 or 6 gallon buckets of Roma tomatoes...canned 2dehydrated 2. I canned a bushel of, purple hulls. Today we chop bell peppers to dehydrate and we'll be finished with this batch of produce. I'm ready to be finished this go around.

Canning (and preserving by other methods) is contageous and addictive...and very profitable.)

You go girl!