Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthdays and Anniversary

Today is our 13th anniversary!  I must admit it has been a struggle to blend two families but it is much better than it used to be.  My husband and I get along famously (it's just a few family members that have been the "flies in the ointment") LOL!  I think that is normal for blended families.

Today is also our oldest granddaughter's 5th birthday.  Saturday was my 55th birthday and August 1st was my mother's 74th birthday.  Lots of things happening in August.  It is always a whirlwind.
This is what we do in August:
In July, my stepdaughter graduated from college and moved out.  She was a great house guest and our live in IT person.  (I say house guest because she didn't grow up in our home, she moved in after living on her own to make it easier to finish college).  But, I got my sewing room and office back!  I had a week and a half of vacation so I put the room back together and made a dress.

More pictures when I figure out how to down load now that my IT person has moved out!


Catherine said...

Hello Brenda! Happy Anniversary! Love that picture of your cute dog. Is he or she a setter? How nice to have a sewing room and office!

My sister is fine thank you. I was able to call her yesterday morning. They are using a generator for power. The wind was strong and the heavy rains had not arrived yet. Her house is over 300 years old and sits on high ground. I figure if it lasted that long through many storms they would likely be okay.


Brenda said...

Hi Catherine,

He is an English setter. He is a good hunting dog but he is a "mama's boy"! His name is Mr. Buckley but we call him Buck.

Judy said...

Happy belated anniversary! You are right...blended families can be tough. I find the same with inlaws,in general.

I love the dog pic...

I shot you an email to let you know I did not receive your address. If you will return that email I will be watching for it.

Have a great day and another 50 years of married happiness. oxo Judy