Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canning Strawberry Jam


A few weeks ago I canned apricots and it took forever to get the water to boil.  DSH came to the rescue for canning strawberry jam.  He got out the two burner camping stove, hooked it up to a propane tank and fired it up.  Water was boiling in seven minutes instead of three hours.  Yay!                                                                                                       
The jars sure are pretty.  And the jam tastes great.  I've been eating it on home made bread.  I made quite a big mess though!
Happy canning!


Mark via the Wolf Pack said...

Awesome! Looks like I'm not the only one that makes a mess when canning. We canned apple butter and triple berry jam last week. I hope to try my hand at canning something tomato-based this week - salsa or tomato sauce.

-Mark from the Wolf Pack

Anonymous said...

Your strawberry jam looks beautiful and so yum! It's one of my favorites.

You won the Redeeming Love giveaway on my blog. I'm sorry it took so long to let you know. I went on vacation and have been in catch-up mode ever since. oxo Judy

Anonymous said...

PS...I need your address. :)