Monday, May 25, 2009


Today has been a refreshing and restful day for DSH and me. We got a little bit of work done around the house. I mopped the kitchen floor and then helped DSH go through his closet and get rid of tired, old clothes that don't fit or are worn out. DSH does not like doing that job at all. We have two HUGE bags ready to go to the Goodwill. He does not get rid of anything unless I make him. His closet is now organized and nothing is getting scrunched. I will make a fresh strawberry pie to take to a friend's house tonight for dinner while hubster takes the dogs out for hunting practice. We are going hunting this Friday! What fun, except for the 4:00am morning call and no coffee because of the long drive!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh...I think my DH has clothes hanging in our closet circa 1970. Tossing his things out is something I don't like to do...but he never purges his closet. I guess that's a man thing.

I hope you enjoyed your visit with your friend and have a great hunting trip...but no coffee! That is likely considered torture according to the speaker of the house...