Sunday, July 12, 2009

41 Taylor

This weekend I had the privilege of meeting not one but two blog friends. DSH and I went to Reno for a short vacation and our trip coincided with the open house of 41 Taylor which is a fantastic new venue for parties, meetings, family reunions, etc. It is a darling old house that the two Tracey's cleaned up and decorated with paint, elbow grease and creativity. They are AMAZING! I had so much fun meeting them both and talking with them. Hi Tracey and Tracey! It was great meeting you both!

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Judy said...

So glad you got to meet bloggy friends. I'd love to see pictures of the house they revamped.

I'm happy for you...that you now have a sewing room. Every lady should have one. I've not sewn a stitch in months and feel the need to make something. Life has been too busy. Your new fabric sounds lovely...can't wait to see the things you create.

Our dogs hate fireworks...and they aren't illegal here. I would love to have the money Mississippians spend on the things...just to make a boom and go up in smoke. ~ sigh ~