Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I got some great fabric in the mail today. It is from Scotland. I now have five sewing projects to work on and no time to sew. Plus, every project needs something like seam binding, elastic, buttons or interfacing. I have a list started and I must run to the fabric store. I need more thread for the current project. The trouble is, I haven't sewn in years and I am in a "new" sewing room that is tiny as all get out. I have a ton of thread so I assumed I had enough light pink for my dress. The fabric is a tweed-looking light pink and lavender that ravels (unravels?) like crazy. I decided to be clever and zigzag every piece before I start constructing the garment. I ran out of pink thread but, nothing is unraveling! Every time I go into the sewing room/office, the dress taunts me. I could be sewing right now if I had thread! Sigh!!! I really don't like starting another project before finishing one, so, no progress.

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