Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It is so nice to be able to go home every day for lunch. I work 5 minutes from home. I always try to get one little chore done in addition to eating lunch. Today I folded and put away the laundry.

I've decided that I MUST sew a little bit every night or nothing will get done! One more month or two of nice weather and my summer shift is only half way done! I have the lining together, mostly, and tried it on with DSH helping check the fit. Not too bad, so far. The main fabric is going to be tough to handle. It is a pink and lavender and white tweedy looking stuff that ravels horribly. I have zigzagged every edge prior to piecing it together. I just knew it wouldn't be able to stay together while I assembled the pieces. I hope I am close in the fit of the fashion fabric because it will be a bear to rip out if it needs it!


Armbruster Asylum said...

I kind of want to sew! The itch is there, but I don't know if it's itchy enough to commit to a machine. Are they expensive?

Brenda said...

To Arbruster Asylum: They can be quite expensive. My machine is 30 years old, or there abouts. It was bought for me by your grandmother. It was a Christmas gift and if I remember correctly it was $800.00. I could be way off on that price though! It is a Bernina. I had a much cheaper machine that I fought with constantly so it is worth it to get a good quality machine. You could ask your grandmother if she would sell you hers. I just had my cleaned and oiled and it cost $150.00 to do that.

Brenda said...

OOOPS! Typo on spelling of Armbruster. Sorry!