Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation week

This week was my annual August vacation. Normally DSH and I would go to Hot August Nights in Reno, NV to celebrate our anniversary (August 8) and my birthday (August 6). But, life changes, priorities change, choices are made. We went to Reno seven years in a row to see the hot rods and classic cars. My mother in law moved in with us July of 2006 and first granddaughter was born in August so, no trip for me that year. I suggested to DSH that he go with "the guys" to look at the cars and I would stay home. After seven years of classic cars I was done. It couldn't have been too fun for DSH when I took three minutes of looking and said, "That one is cute, this one is interesting, the one over there is an ugly one, let's go, I'm done." With "the guys" he could ask about transmissions, wheels, paint, horse power, torque, to his hearts content and they would enjoy it too. They had a blast and DSH got a much needed break from his mother. It is a very difficult thing to have your aging mother move in with you. She has Alzheimer's which adds to the difficulty. I had a much easier time with it than he did because my emotional involvement was so different. He HATED seeing her deteriorate. We were not able to have a logical, normal conversation with her very often. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually played tug of war with her over her dirty undies! I belatedly figured out it was much easier to take her dirty clothes when she was sleeping! Anyway, she lived with us for a year and a half then had to move to a skilled nursing facility in the area. Even though it was challenging, trying, and difficult having her with us 24/7 we both cried when she moved out. Moving her out was so much harder than we thought it would be! She is now 91 and doing well there.

So, back to this week. My vacation consisted of:
August 1- my mom and her twins' birthday
clean out the garage
August 2- more garage work
August 3-go to bridal store with DSSD to help select a wedding
August 4-our third granddaughter born to DSH's oldest
August 5-visit new baby and mom in hospital
August 6-I turned 53 :D, had a massage, had my hair cut, went to
my youngest daughter's for dinner
August 7-went to Sears with youngest daughter and
helped while oldest granddaughter had her
three year old portrait taken. Grocery shopping and
rush to clean house. Daughter and husband came to
spend the night.
August 8-make waffles for breakfast for house guests,
make pasta salad and wrap gifts, go to 3 year
old's birthday party, go out for anniversary
August 9-sleep in, make pancakes, watch TV church,
cut husband's hair, cut both dogs hair. DSSH
and fiance stop by for lunch and discuss
wedding plans.

We had a great time with family all week! How do you spend vacation time?

PS Garage is not finished! That will be the project of the week every night after dinner.

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