Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year agenda

No resolutions here, just an agenda for the new year, a plan, if you will. We made a good start today. The garage is going to be cleaned up and organized. It has been such a mess, crammed full of junk, stuff and treasures we don't even remember we own. We've been doing our own construction and decorating for six years. We have ripped out doors and frames, removed all sheet rock, redone electrical- adding ground wire and new outlets and switches and lots of can lights. We had lots of help re-plumbing. There has been insulation added to walls then new sheet rock put up, texture, prime, paint, wood trim everywhere. All the supplies, tools, scrap and furniture that was in the way in the house was literally thrown in the garage. What a disaster. It's amazing we could find anything. We have finished three bedrooms, the hall and the living room. That leaves all the hard rooms like kitchen and baths. We won't do those ourselves. We will pay. Which means it waits. The garage looks much better although it is only half done. You can walk in there and find things. You can see a lot of the floor!! I keep going out there to just look at it!

I love Judy at Apron Strings's idea of a new recipe a week. I've been cooking what she has tried. Delish!! Thanks, Judy. I don't know if I will keep up with a new recipe a week but I will try. Judy posts the recipes she uses so that makes it very easy for me. :D

I also want to start sewing again. I still have to sign up for lessons because I want to learn how to draft a pattern and how to taylor for a proper fit. The sewing blogs I have found are amazing!

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Anonymous said...

i am trying to keep up with the new recipe a far so good. managing to blog about them is another thing all together...but so far so good. i think.

i figured out why i was having a hard time posting on your was me. go figure.

see you soon. so glad you are posting more. i do enjoy your blog.