Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vet Visit

Hard day at the vet. Buck and Bailey were due for some immunizations and other indignities. Bailey, our English Cocker, does very well. She is one tough girl. Poor Buck, on the other hand, is kind of a wimp. He absolutely refuses, REFUSES! to have his temperature taken. (well, wouldn't you?) He cries when they take his blood to check for heart worm, he cries when he gets his shots, he cries when they check his ears. It is all very traumatic for everyone. We all made it through with treats, liver, yum! I was traumatized too, where's mine????

We walked down the street after for a necessary potty break (for the dogs) then stopped at the dog store for new dog beds. After our purchase, we stopped at the school to let the dogs run. They got to get their wiggles out and de-stress. A much better ending to the day!

I surely wish we had chickens like Judy at Apron Strings but they would drive Buck and Bailey nuts since they are bird dogs. Keep sharing about your chickens, Judy. I love to hear about them. Not the 'pecking of your hand part' though!

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