Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor Girls :(

This has been a rough month for two of our girls. My oldest broke her arm Saturday while snowboarding. She did get a good morning full of fun before crashing. She did get to ride on a snowmobile but that doesn't make up for an arm in a cast for 6 weeks, pain and having to miss work which is a new nursing job. Hard to nurse others in the ICU when you have a cast on your arm. I sent her a small care package: floss holders (for one handed flossing), Earl Grey tea, a book, some See's candy (I know, I know! Just wrong for a dental hygienist to send candy!!) and some fresh roasted almonds that were grown by my husbands family. My Poor Sweet Girl!

My youngest has had three, yes three bouts of the cold/flu in one month! While taking care of two little ones (two and a half and 11 months). Dad, of course, was gone part of the time for work which didn't help much. Dad is back home again so things are looking up! Dad was sorely missed! My Poor Sweet Girl!

This too shall pass. You will both get better. Remember, you are loved!

We haven't yet heard from our other two girls. I will assume they are fine and healthy until I hear differently!


Catherine said...

I hope your daughters feel better soon. This is my first stop at your blog. Very nice.

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. This too shall pass!

Anonymous said...

sorry your girls are weathering tough times. i hope things get better quickly for both of them. the care package was a sweet idea.

Armbruster Asylum said...

The care package was a fantastic idea!!! I loved it! And, although I didn't handle my injury gracefully the first couple of weeks, I am doing much better now. I am actually starting to embrace my time off! Love you DSM.