Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice Cream

Tonight DSH and I went to a book store to listen to a writer talk about his book. This was a first for us. Very interesting but we didn't stay for the whole thing. On the way home we decided to get a snack and maybe some coffee ( who cares if it keeps me up all night running to the potty!). It was almost 9:00pm. We drove and drove looking for a snack type place. Didn't want to go to a dinner place. We were in Mountain View. Lots of book stores, Asian restaurants and Indian restaurants, but no dessert places. Wait, there's Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, they're open. We slow down and CAN'T BELIEVE OUR EYES!!! The line is out the door. The line is going around the building! What the heck???? It's not even hot outside. It's cold! Maybe there is a business opportunity here. We didn't stop. We didn't want to wait. We went home and baked some cookie dough I made the other day. I would have enjoyed the ice cream :D

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