Saturday, February 21, 2009


DSH is hunting pheasant today. He got up early and took Mr. Buck, our English Setter. Miss Bailey did not get to go and she is moping around today. She knew something was up yesterday when the hunting gear came out. She didn't get to go because it takes a long time to hunt both dogs and DSH and friend didn't have time today to hunt both dogs. They don't have the same hunting style, one is a flusher and one is a pointer so they don't work well together. They have to take turns. She will get to go next time and so will I.

Tomorrow is youngest step-daughter's birthday party. She turned 25 last week. We are having Monkey Brains (aka stuffed cabbage), spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, fruit salad, rolls, smoked pheasant (hmmm, I wonder how that got on the menu!), smoked pork, smoked sausage, baked brie and poor white cake with 7 minute frosting for dessert. Step-daughter requested most of the selections on this menu. DSH added a couple of meat items because he hates Monkey Brains! This morning I assembled the MB, cooked the bacon and washed the spinach for the salad and later today I will make the cake but not the frosting. The frosting tastes best fresh so it will be made tomorrow while the MB are baking. 11 guests coming over and we only have seating for eight. Folding table is coming out!

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