Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

DSH is always the best on Valentine's Day. Me, not so much. Valentine's Day is my dad's birthday so it was always more his birthday than Valentine's Day. I guess my mom was always cheated! I never heard her complain about it so I never gave it a thought. Anyhow, I always get beautiful flowers, hand picked candy of all my favorites from See's (the best in the West), a card or two and gifts of clothes. Crazy generous. I refuse to go out for dinner or he would do that too. He gets a card from me along with some See's candy hand picked for him (and, yes, I do know his favorites). He likes shopping and he likes giving gifts. Me, not so much. I am the BudgetQueen, Scottish, and all things cheaplike. We clash once in awhile, go at it once in awhile, but ALWAYS work it out. He loves me and I love him. We actually balance each other out nicely. It is sometimes painful to balance! I appreciate his generosity and thoughtfulness and hopefully he appreciates my thriftiness! Thank you, HONEY!!!!!


Judy said...

Balance is good, and See's candy sound wonderful.

Michelle said...

You know it's meant to be when you know each other's favorite See's candy! Glad you had a good day and were pampered! =-)