Sunday, February 15, 2009


Praise the Lord for rain! We are in a drought here in California. Water rationing imminate. I don't usually like being rained on, but, I didn't mind at all on our way to and from church. A dreary, stay in, read a book kind of day. Of course, I have no book to read! That means blogging :D

Friday I took my 90 year old mother-in-law to the dentist I work for and he did three fillings for her. Half price! What a nice boss I have! She is on a VERY limited budget: $35.00 spending money per month (per MediCal). She did great except she chewed on her lip after she went back to the skilled nursing facility! I know that would happen. Poor thing. She will be fine but just like a little child would do, she chewed her lip while it was numb. We went to check on her Saturday and that is how I knew she had chewed her lip.

I also had a sewing class on Friday. I was wrapped up like a mummy from shoulders to hips in duct tape. I hated it!! We were making a custom dress form for me. I had an old, long T-shirt that I sewed to fit snug then was wrapped tight in the tape to copy my (much rounder than I remember) form. After two to three layers of tape I was cut out of it. I have to get a stand and then stuff it to look like me. I don't think it was tight enough to be accurate but I couldn't tolerate it! I just figure it gives me room to grow!!!! LOL


Catherine said...

Very happy to hear you had rain too. We also had a little snow. The wildflowers, desert poppies, are starting to grow and our Joshua trees are very happy.

Armbruster Asylum said...

Ugh!!! How awful to be wrapped in tape. I don't think I would care for that ether.