Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Off

I took a vacation day today. DSH had to work so I revelled in puttering around the house with only the dogs for company. I slept in (of course) then trimmed the dogs ears. The hair grows so long on their ears that it gets in their food when they eat and then their ears get crusty! Very unattractive. Bailey doesn't appreciate being groomed. She rolls over and makes it difficult. Buck, on the other hand is quite foppish. He sits quite nicely and loves the attention. After the dogs were prettied up I did office work and budget work. My favorite things, believe it or not. My DSH calls me the "Budget Queen". Or if he is feeling nasty about it, he calls me "Scottish" (which I am), but he doesn't mean it in a nice way, he means a tight fisted, cheap, penny pincher! But, it is only relative. I just don't like to spend as much as he does.

I did some yard work, the weather is quite spring like. I'm going to have sore muscles tomorrow. Some was left for DSH. I don't have the endurance or upper body strength to do it all. At least I cleaned up the mess I made. I usually trim, dig, cut, hack and trim some more and then I'm so pooped I can't clean up and leave the mess until the next day. That is frowned upon for some reason! Sorry, honey :D

I did laundry, too. We are having chicken fried pork steaks for dinner. Kind of fattening but good.


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

I'm just catching up on wonderful blogs I follow (that's you) and had to say that you had my kinda day. I love my aloneness, free-wheeling, do what I want, kind of day...Sure hope you had grilled fish and salad for dinner the next night!!!

Judy said...

Greetings! It's been too long since my last visit. I've been busy outside, much as possible. I laughed when I read how you clip and cut, etc., and leave the mess. I do the same thing...for the same reason. Bless our hearts.

I wish I had a little Scottish in me. :)