Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today was a day for weeding the garden in preparation for veggies! We have had a good amount of rain this year (PTL!) so the weeds are lush and large. I weeded a small patch under the office window and then weeded the soon-to-be vegetable garden. DSH weeded next to the fence on the outside of the yard. It was looking quite ragged. I won't plant the veggies until May 1st at the earliest. I will put flowers under the office window or maybe a boysenberry bush or two. I haven't found a boysenberry plant yet so that will be the deciding factor.

We took the dogs for a run at the school which was well received. They love to run! We walked around the school quite a few times to keep our muscles loosened up after all the weeding. I know I will be sore tomorrow.

Tonight we are having corned beef and cabbage, early, but that's ok. It will still be good!

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Judy said...

I worked outside yesterday cleaning up in my little kitchen garden and pulling dead vines off an arbor in anticipation of the new ones that will soon blast into life.