Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weeds and rain

Today was a weeding day and it started to rain. We came in and had lunch. It is starting to rain pretty hard. Not just a sprinkle. Nope, I did not vacuum or dust yesterday. That's ok. It is still there waiting for me. DSH did mention the dust bunnies everywhere so I will vacuum sometime soon. We will be visiting Margaret, his 90 year old mother this afternoon. She is in a skilled nursing facility and we go just about every week. Sometimes we miss. She has Alzheimer's so she doesn't remember us ever visiting. Very sad. It was supposed to rain late tonight, not now. It is going to be messy running the dogs in the rain. They won't mind!

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Judy said...

Alzheimer's is so sad. I simply don't understand why...

It rained here for the better part of two days. we got 8 inches at our house when all was said and done. March came in like a lion, and it looks as if it may go out very much the same...I don't begrudge the rain sure has made my little garden green up and look beautiful.