Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disaster (on a small scale)

Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping for the week and for company that was coming for dinner later that evening. I planned to make chicken enchiladas because our guests requested Mexican food. I make it pretty much from scratch (read: lots of work). But, it is worth it because they are so yummy.

After lunch I made cookie dough so we could bake cookies for dessert. I started the chicken cooking, chopped the onion, minced the garlic then warmed the oil for sauteing. I got the cream and chicken broth warming. It was all coming together nicely. When the onion and garlic was soft, I added tomato puree and chilies. I shredded the chicken and added it to the mix. The filling was kept warm while I heated the oil to soften the corn tortillas. OOOH, it all smelled so good. The table was set for dinner with my good china (actually, the only china I have!). I started cooking the tortillas slightly, dried off the excess oil, dipped them in cream, added the chicken filling, roll, place in lightly greased baking dish. Next one, next one, ouch- burnt my finger, next one, next one, next one, (boy, I'm getting hungry), next one, next one, check how much filling is left the, HEY! What's this????? THAT'S MOLD ON MY BRAND NEW PACKAGE OF TORTILLAS!!!!!! I can't serve this! I don't want to eat moldy food! I have nothing else to serve. They will be arriving in 30 minutes!!!! WHAT am I going to do????? I am soooooo upset. What a waste of food, time money and it's embarrassing to boot.

I call my DSH and tell him we have to change our plans for dinner and when is he coming home (I thought he would be home by now). He knows I'm upset because I'm crying (I NEVER cry).

Now, these guests are very special people. The couple have know my husband's family for over 40 years. We support them as missionaries. He is the president of OC International. I am MORTIFIED!!! The gentleman they are bringing with them is housing them for the weekend. He is 94 years old and his wife recently passed away. She is home with the Lord.

I know they will understand but I still feel horrible. That said, I blow my nose, dry my eyes, change my pitiful attitude, thank the Lord that we can afford to go out and get on with it.

Fast forward a bit. Hugs, kisses, greetings, explanation and then off we go to El Burro for Mexican food. We all had a lovely time except it is hard to talk at El Burro because it is so loud in there and one has to shout to be heard.

End of story: this morning I took my dinner receipt, recipe book, casserole dish of half made enchiladas, molding tortillas and cash register receipt to Safeway and told the manager my story. I came away with a Safeway gift card that covered dinner for five at El Burro and money back for the tortillas and an apology.

DSH said he won't invite anyone over again for a long time! I told him it wasn't his fault. Moral of the story: it's not about me, it's not about my cooking. It's about hospitality and making guest feel comfortable and welcomed. It's about connecting and catching up. That can be done at home with canned soup or at a fancy restaurant. It's the people that matter and giving the glory to the Lord.

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Marty's Fiber Musings said...

I love the way you overcame this catastrophe. Life is a blessing even with a few stubbed toes along the way.